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SDS4 Distribution Software is a full featured ERP / CRM specifically designed for the Electronic Components and Aviation industries. In addition to very robust Contact Management and Resource Planning this beautifully designed system also has Full Inventory Control capabilities for multiple warehouses.

The most impressive part of this complete package is that it is ISO 9001 and AS9120 compliant from start to finish with Quality Control, Full Traceability, and Vendor Control always in mind SDS4 Distribution is sure help your company reduce risk and control loss better than anything else on the market.

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Just what we needed right out of the box

01/14/2018Review of SDS Distribution Software

This Software is a perfect fit for our Company. The feature set is just what we need out of the box.
With other add ons also available for purchase it also gives us the opportunity to expand its capabilities if we need to. The SDS team helped us in a very difficult time as our previous servers hard drives became corrupted and almost unrecoverable.
This was a perfect opportunity for our Company to make the “switch” from our previous software.
Larry and the SDS team helped us to recover our data, set up a new server, import our old data into the SDS database and all has been working perfectly since. Thanks again for all the help and looking forward to New improvements in future releases.

Sean Tobin, Santek Components

Turbo Charge your Internal Sales & Inventory Tracking Systems

11/22/2017Review of SDS Distribution Software

I’ve had the great pleasure of commissioning Mr. Duncan to develop a custom CRM and Sales-Purchasing Software Platform with a broad range of customized functional components required by our organization. I was extremely impressed with the tailored solution developed by Mr. Duncan and his staff, as well as with the level of knowledgeable support his staff provided. I would strongly recommend Larry Duncan to any organization seeking to turbo charge their internal sales & inventory tracking system to achieve optimal workflow efficiency and increase bottom line results, all at an extremely affordable price range.

William Sosnicki

Very easy to use

11/21/2017Review of SDS Distribution Software

I would recommend this to everyone

 Pros Everything about it from purchasing to invoicing to emailing to accounting. This is one of the best software.
Cons There is nothing wrong with this software.

Kenneth Leverock, Able Electronics

The preeminent CRM software for electronic distributors

11/21/2017Review of SDS Distribution Software

I have used the other software out there and its no where near as quick or reliable.
Off the shelf it suits our industry quite well but the team was able to tailor it specifically to our needs.
Possibly the most integral tool I rely on daily to turn a profit, brokering is information driven so quick access to relevant data is key.

Peter C, VC Aerospace

Best Software on the Market

09/21/2017Review of SDS Distribution Software

Couldn’t be any better. and I like the way you can email your professional quotes directly from SDS4 thank you for all the support

 Pros Anyone can use it.. Keeps all your customer’s information together in one place , Couldn’t work without it..
You can quote, invoice, create purchase order and do so much more that you can imagine.
you can save all the notes on a click of a bottom. review your quote each day so you never forget any of your customers..

Nathalie Ouellet, Hyper IC

Game Changer

08/01/2017Review of SDS Distribution Software

I recommend this system to everyone. It has been a game changer for my business.

Pros   Very user friendly , easy to access everything , great customer service Larry and Dan are very easy going and very helpful
Cons  None 

Kyle Jacques, Luxe Electronics

Just awesome!

06/21/2017Review of SDS Distribution Software

After years of searching for the perfect ERP solution for my electronic component distribution business I finally came across SDS4 Distribution.
I literally have been searching for a solution like this for years.
We have tried 4 other solutions but SDS BY FAR exceeds all we have used – from functionality, to ease of use, to stability of the program – it’s top notch.
Unlike many other software solutions SDS4 Distribution is windows-based and has a similar feel to Outlook.
It can easily be customized and it’s processes are very easy to learn. I called my rep and he promptly took almost 3 hours (!) out of his day to demo the software.
Support has been just awesome.
After initial install a dedicated account rep is assigned to you for all requests. My rep constantly follows up to make sure all is running well.
If you need assistance on the fly, contact one of their reps on Skype and your questions will be addressed immediately.
We have been using SDS4 Distribution for the last 6 months and are absolutely thrilled with its capabilities! 

 Recommendations This software is awesome. Contact my rep and have him show you what I am talking about. It’s just so much better than so many of the big providers.
Cost is reasonable. Support is great. Electronic component distributors MUST give SDS4 Distribution a look!

Bjoern Priske, Aegis Components


06/19/2017Review of SDS Distribution Software

I have been using SDS since 2007 and it has made every aspect of my job easier. Being a small business it is great to have 1 program do all you purchasing, quoting, inventory control, invoicing, and accounting. I can send invoices, sales confirmations, credit card payment request and all other documents thru SDS via email. It saves time and makes us look great to our customers. The staff at SDS are very helpful and get things done in a very timely manner. 

Pros The cost compared to similar products in the market.
Cons I don’t have enough time to work t better and increase my sales like I know it would.

Kevin Marsh, Vectronix

Simple and Efficient

03/21/2017Review of SDS Distribution Software

Since switching to SDS over two years ago we have saved so much time on little things. Our company is in a better place today because of SDS.

 Pros The ability to look for parts and see where we got them from and from who at what cost right at our fingers makes this software worth every penny.
Cons We have nothing negative to say about SDS. The tech support system is always available and we love the interface.

Chad Ross, Empire USA

Our best kept secret

07/04/2016Review of SDS Distribution Software

I’d like to write reviews when one of two things happen. The product or service is exceptional; I write the review to help the vendor. Or the product or service was so valuable I write the review to help other people who might find themselves in my same position.

Today I’m writing this review for both. My history with SDS begun roughly around the same time the dot-matrix printer became obsolete and windows 95 came on 7 floppy disks. SDS was originally created for the independent electronic marketplace and from I remember it was the first of its kind.

Over the last 16+ years I’ve been an avid user, advocate and sometimes even a critic. The rate this system has developed over the last couple of years has been unbelievable. With every update comes new and better defined features. It’s truly a full featured one system does it all platform. From inventory, accounting, shipping and receiving, labeling, tracking, expediting, e-mail, database and phone integration. SDS manages items by customer internal part numbers, sales, quote and purchase history. You have the ability to send line cards and other documentation without leaving the comfort of the system. Invoices, Certs, Packing Slips, commercial and even military versions.

A quality documentation and inspection platform that’s sure to improved even the most stringent quality department. I assure you I left out 20-30 other services SDS performs. Some of the new features I’m excited about is the ability to assign employees into teams, build large line item sales orders and purchase orders and most recently the ability to manage our kitting and manufacturing orders.

While I hope our competition never hears about SDS I felt it would be an injustice not to write this. 
So to all our competitors, please feel free to disregard my review and by all means go with the other guys. That’s if anyone else still exists….

Jamie Debello, RH Electronics

Axis Electronics : SDS Client Since 2005

07/04/2016Review of SDS Distribution Software

Axis Electronics, Inc. has been a user of SDS since our inception. Larry and his team continue to add improvements and upgrades over the years. We recently installed SDS4 and the added features, look and feel are excellent. The software is very intuitive and fluid that offers exceptional ease of use and training.

We are very impressed with this product and would highly recommend SDS4 over any other products in the market as SDS distribution software is second to none. Their support and response time is exceptional! We have also utilized the YouTube training video’s that are available online and done very well and helpful (if needed). 

Larry, We thank you and your team for supporting us with your superior product, excellent support and partnership for over 10 years. Keep up the good work

Tom Johnson, Axis Electronics

Why can’t all software be like this?

12/21/2015Review of SDS Distribution Software

This software fitted our company perfectly. It’s easy to use and saves you so much time.
SDS4 is easy on the eye and is a software programme you want to work with just by looking at it.
Since using SDS4 we have seen an upturn is revenue, efficiency and a drastic decrease in RMA’s and returns.
We looked at countless software packages that were all “ok” but SDS4 blew us away from the very first demo.
If you are looking for distribution software for the Electronics Industry look no further than SDS4.

Pros Great to look at Quick order processing (1 click order processing)
Gives managers control with easy access controls. Authorisation order processing
ISO ready Great
value for money Easy to use Easy to learn
Complete financial control
Regular updates

Tom, Express Electronics UK

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