How to Install SDS4 Webservices on IIS


Copy Portal to your C root (outside of IIS)ie c:portal
Set permissions Read / Execute for IUSR and IISUsers
If you want to use the custom CSS tool in settings All Write access to content/style.css or it will fail
Add your site to IIS
Set your header and port bindings (ie
Create an A record on your domain provider and point to it

Portal – Local – Setup

In first textbox , Give Connection string (same one from sds) ******Do not include provider ******
data source=HMP2008\SDS;initial catalog=SDS4;user id=sa;password=SDSIsno1!

Click Encrypt Button

In second textbox , you will get descript string
Copy and replace the string in web.config

<add name=”CONNECTION_STRING” connectionString=”dn/m1qbMz0NEj8VoiHhW9icqz9jzu9pHnrp3bWGq9CmHJlLRevoUwHVnQL9xfBWSCssTakLJdMXJa/6VNsmcC5n+ByW9fDC6vsLbx3Io6Xk=” providerName=”System.Data.SqlClient” />

and save web.config

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