How to Create a Sales Order

Starting from any Open Quote Detail

  • Click the Create Sales Order button (this is located in the top right hand corner of the page under the date)
  • A new Sale Order will open
  • Double click the 1st item
  • Verify the Quantity and the Price are correct
  • Hit the Tab button 3 times (this will ensure you will always recalculate the line total if any changes are made)

Click the Schedule Shipments Tab

  • Click the Add a Ship Date button
  • Enter the quantity being shipped
  • Enter the Customer Due Date
  • Select Via
  • Enter your proposed ship date
  • The customer doc date will calculate itself and give you any warnings if necessary
  • Click the Save button

Confirm your availability

  • Click the Availability Tab
  • View any previous offers or allocations you previously added during the quoting process
  • Add additional sources if necessary by clicking the Add Source button
  • Select your preferred source by clicking the Set as Preferred button
  • Click Save

Review your order

  • Always review these fields before completing the sales order
  • Company and Contact info are selected
  • A Customer POno has been entered
  • Terms are set
  • You have the correct qty and resale price of the line you’re selling
  • A currency & exchange rate are selected and entered
  • Estimated GP is green at the bottom
  • You have a ship via selected on the right
  • Save it one more time (just to be safe)

Request Authorization

  • Click the Request Authorization button at the top right part of the screen


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