How To Use List Manager for the First Time

Create a List

  1. Click Create List
  2. Select a Vendor on the next screen
  3. Select All Dates
  4. Click Search
  5. Give the List a friendly name so you remember what you put in there (description is optional)
    example: (Acme Rockets Excess)
  6. Click Create List (then Yes or No for another list or not)

Review your Working List

No steps here. Simply look at the grid and decide if you want to leave any out
If you do click the Set Inactive Button Above

Create your Export

Suggested Export is – Click Offers , Click Inventory , Possibly Excess or ON Order
Note – This processing takes a minute on the cloud.. Locally it is instant

Click Export , Give the file a name and save it to your favorite dump spot (desktop, downloads, you get the gist)

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