How to Edit the Printable Invoice Layout

Starting from any page with a Ribbon Bar
[infobox type=”info” icon=”fa-info-circle”]Please make a backup of your reports folder before editing any pages.
If you are not a fully knowledgeable or capable of performing modification and repairs based on your own research Do Not Proceed Any Further
SDS Distribution Proudly Offers Customization Services upon Request..[/infobox]

Locate any Invoice

  • Click My Invoices
  • Search, Highlight or Open any Invoice
  • Click File
  • Edit
  • Click Invoice Layout
[infobox type=”error” icon=”fa-minus-circle”]Proceed with caution at your own risk!
Errors created from End-User Modifications are not covered under standard support! [/infobox]

Select the Template 

  • Notice the Tabs at the top of the report Designer
  • Click through the tabs until you see the page you want to edit
  • Proceed to Edit your report page

Locate and Edit Memos (Cells)

  • Right click any memo field inside the report designer
  • Click Edit
  • Make your changes
  • Click OK
  • Click File (at the top of page)
  • Click Save


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