How to Create an Invoice

Method 1 (New Invoice from Sales Order)

Select Sales Order from QuickJump menu or Main Ribbon Toolbar

Search for Sales Orders
Double click on desired Sales Order
Click New Invoice Button on the left side of page
Click the Save button
Note: This method assumes that you have all items listed on the Sales Order Detail already in stock. If these items are not already in stock please create and receive a PO or adjust your inventory.

Method 2 (Today’s Invoice List)

From the Main toolbar, Click the Invoices button
Click Today’s Invoice List
You may narrow results by entering the SO Number, Company, Customer PO Number or Ship Date
Double click the order you wish to invoice
Click New Invoice
You should now have a new Invoice Detail open
Note: This method assumes that you have already created a shipping schedule for all items listed on your sales order. If the items you are expecting to ship today are not listed here, please go back and verify the item is in stock and has a shipping schedule in Sales Order Item Details.

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