How to create a DSN

From time to time you will run across computers that refuse to connect even though it has the exact
same settings as the computer beside it.
Creating a DSN is a very good additional resource that has gotten me out of some bad networks
and good ones that were just being bad that day.

[infobox type=”warning” icon=”fa-warning”]NOTE: You must have admin rights to use this tool.[/infobox]

Starting Point

  • Type Control Panel in the windows search bar or navigate there your normal way of doing things
  • Click Administrative Tools
  • Click ODBC Data Sources (32bit or 64bit depending on your OS)

Create a DSN

  1. Click the System DSN Tab
  2. Click the Add tab
  3. Select Your Database Driver (SQL Native Client is faster)
  4. Click Finish

Define the Data Source

  1. Enter a Name for your Datasource
  2. Select your Server from the Dropdown
  3. Click Next

Enter Your Server/DB Credentials

  1. Select the Authentication Type (Windows or SQL Auth)
  2. If SQL Auth enter your Login ID
  3. Enter Your Password
  4. Click Next

Skip Default DB

Click Finish then

Test Your DSN


If you get a success result like this one go try to start your app again.
If you made any changes to get to success. Adjust your connection string accordingly


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