How to create a DSN

From time to time you will run across computers that refuse to connect even though it has the exact
same settings as the computer beside it.
Creating a DSN is a very good additional resource that has gotten me out of some bad networks
and good ones that were just being bad that day.

NOTE: You must have admin rights to use this tool.

Starting Point

  • Type Control Panel in the windows search bar or navigate there your normal way of doing things
  • Click Administrative Tools
  • Click ODBC Data Sources (32bit or 64bit depending on your OS)

Create a DSN

  1. Click the System DSN Tab
  2. Click the Add tab
  3. Select Your Database Driver (SQL Native Client is faster)
  4. Click Finish

How to create a DSN

Define the Data Source

  1. Enter a Name for your Datasource
  2. Select your Server from the Dropdown
  3. Click Next

How to create a DSN

Enter Your Server/DB Credentials

  1. Select the Authentication Type (Windows or SQL Auth)
  2. If SQL Auth enter your Login ID
  3. Enter Your Password
  4. Click Next

How to create a DSN

Skip Default DB

Click Finish then

Test Your DSN

How to create a DSN     How to create a DSN

If you get a success result like this one go try to start your app again.
If you made any changes to get to success. Adjust your connection string accordingly


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