Import Inventory

Starting from any page with a main ribbon bar

  • Click the In Stock button
  • When the Inventory Page opens Click File
  • Click Import
  • Click Inventory
  • Browse for your inventory list using the open file dialog box

Note: File type can be .xls .xlsx or .csv

  • Click Open

Map your Spreadsheet’s Columns to SDS4

Right above your spreadsheet notice the dropdown boxes
The fields in SDS are in each appropriate list.
Match these fields to the columns on your spreadshee

Delete the first row of your spreadsheet

  • Right click the highlighted row 1
  • Click Delete in the right click menu
  • Click Check Data in the ribbon bar above or from common task on left
  • Adjust or Delete any fields necessary

Set Financial Details

  • Select a currency from the right panel that pertains to your cost
  • Enter an Exchange Rate if you used a foreign currency
  • Enter 1 if you’re using the systems default currency
  • Select an GL Asset from the Account section on the right
  • Select an Asset Account from the section on the right
  • Select a Sales Income Account

Complete the set up

  • Click Import

Important: Do Not Close the Form Yet

  • Minimize the Import Form
  • Look at some results from the Inventory Form that’s minimized to your task bar
  • If you are happy with the results you are safe to close both pages now

If problems arise

  • Reopen the Import Form that’s minimized in your task bar
  • Locate the Rollback Last Import Button in the ribbon or on the left in common tasks
  • Click the Rollback Last Import Button

Repeat this process until you are happy with the results

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