Import a Consignment list into SDS4

Start Here

Click the QuickJump menu located at the top of SDS4.
Click Inventory
Click Common FILE
Click Import
Click the Consignment Button

Note: If you haven’t already, please follow the steps for preparing your data for import

Select the file type and Browse for the file you want to import

Click Open
Your worksheet will now open up directly in SDS4
Above each column select the matching fields to map to the SDS4 database
Delete the column headers from the original worksheet and any blank rows so you only see your list
Select a company from the pulldown

Note: If the company you are consigning for is not listed in the pulldown you may have to go back and add them to SDS4 first from the companies panel located in your main toolbar

Check the Attach to a contact checkbox if you have a direct contact associated with this list
Select your contact from the Contact menu
Select the consignees currency
Enter the exchange rate if applicable (if the consignees currency is the same as yours Enter 1)
Enter the percentage (split) the consignee will receive when this part is sold.
Click the Import

To view a detailed report displaying your Consignment Sales

Click QuickJump
Click Inventory
Click the FILE tab
Click Sold Consignment
Select the Company whose parts you are selling
Select a Date Range (optional)

Click View Report
Click Reports Tab at Top
Drop Down on Left to Consignment Reports
Consignment Held or Sold

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