How to Create a Mailing List

Getting Started

From any area of the application, save your progress then
Click “
My Planner” on the main Ribbon Bar
Click My Planner

Click on Contacts on the bottom left of the page

Locate Contacts for Your List

Search for a contact by entering their name in the fields provided or
Click “Show All” for all contacts or use filters to narrow search

Create / Manage Lists

On left side under “Mailing Lists” right click to choose to Delete / Create New List, or send email.
To add a contact to the list simply drag and drop the contact to desired list  [Note: The same contact can be in more than one list]

Select Your Content

Right Click the list you will be broadcasting to.
Select your content (what you want to mail) from the right click menu

Note: You can load any document created in Word Excel PDF Text, ETC that you have saved on your computer.
This is especially handy if you email the same documents on a regular basis. (example: Intro Letters, Capability Statements, Line Cards)

To load a document on the click Send Document in the right click menu above

  1. Click Add
  2. Browse for your file
  3. It will be available in the Available Documents List the next time you return to this area
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