Create Company Profile (Method One)

Home Screen – Click FILE, Click NEW, Click COMPANY

Enter a company name such as My Sample Client, Inc

Click Ok

Notice above the name My Sample Client, Inc there are server flags which can be selected for your new account

Below the name My Sample Client choose a company class in the dropdown such as Broker, Distributor, OEM, etc.

Double click the box below that to enter the address information for the new account when the popup appears

After entering an address for your new customer click save

Enter your customers phone number, fax, general email address, and website address

Select the time zone they are in

Skip Call Frequency for now. We will come back to that after we have entered a human contact to schedule calls for.


You may select the referral source for the customer and lastly enter a quick note. (example Don’t call until after 10am)


Click SAVE at the bottom of the screen

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