How to Add Dynamic Decimals to Any Price Field


Some customers and vendors need paperwork decimals to carry out more than two places.
Rounding up or down is not acceptable.


Replace existing currency format strings on paperwork with a dynamic string that will
print as many decimal places as entered in main system.

The Fix

  • Open the Report Designer from any print preview page by clicking Edit on the Left
  • Click the Edit Layout Button and the form from the selections available
  • Click the Tab of the page where you need to edit (ie: Aerospace Tab)

  • Right Click the Price Field you want to change
  • Click Display Format

  • Use the drop down in the new pop up and select your price field.
    It will always be the first field UNDER “SYMBOL”

Replace the Format String at the bottom with the one provided below

[infobox type=”info” icon=”fa-warning”] #,##0.00### [/infobox]

  • Click OK
  • Click File at the top Left
  • Click Save
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