Create a reusable upload template for Netcomponents

Create the Template

From any Form with a Ribbon Bar
Click In Stock
Click File
Click Export
Click New
Type Out – NetComponents
Click Ok

Add Columns and Filters

Highlight each field Mentioned above and click the right arrow
Highlight QtyAvailable, Click the next right arrow and a Popup will appear
Enter QtvAvailable>0 and Save
Click the Save Button located all the way to the left under your lists
Your Template is now permanently saved and can be used again whenever you see fit.


Export the List

Part 2
If you are just opening the page highlight NetComponents
At the Bottom Left of the Page Click Display Results
At the Top right of your results select a format to export to (xls, xlsx, csv)
Click the Export Button at the Bottom Right of the Page
Give your List a name and save it where you want.


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