Automate your Distribution Center’s warehouse(s) receiving and delivery systems today! With minimal setup and configuration you can also scan items in (using a standard usb barcode reader) during the receiving process further cutting down on manual data entry in your warehouse. Many large Manufacturers, OEMs and Military require specific documents that include the use of barcoding in one way or the other.

SDS4 Electronics Distribution Software allows users to print barcoded labels in 6 International standard bar coded formats. Modern 2D Barcodes are also supported. These barcodes can be automatically generated
and printed whenever desired for received items, packing lists, shipping labels, and other uses.


  • 6 Standard International Formats
  • Modern 2D Barcodes
  • Compatible with most USB scanners
  • Trim function to handle extra characters entered with some scanners
  • Scan and attach Serial Numbers to any inventory item
  • System includes customizable barcoded stock and shipping labels
  • Easily Add to your POs Invoices and Packing Slips
  • And much more!