BackOrder Management

Managing Back Orders is made easy with SDS4 Distribution Software. Parts falling through the cracks will be a thing of the past.
With multiple grids and convenient links finding and sourcing Back-ordered items has never been simpler.
Sourcing parts for Back Orders is made even easier by the Availability grid giving the user detailed information on sources for Back Ordered items.

Creating a Purchase Order or updating an existing Purchase Order can also be done right on the Back Order page making fulfillment of Back Ordered parts a fluid experience


Backorder Management Features

  • Easy to understand layout
  • Multiple Search fields and Filter
  • Customizable grids and Layouts
  • Ability to see back order at Sales Order and Item detail levels
  • View sources and availabilities for backordered items
  • Add additional sources and availabilities for backordered items on the fly
  • Ability to remove previously added sources from back ordered items
  • Create Purchase Orders from Selected Availabilities.
  • Add Backordered items to existing Purchase Orders
  • Back Ordered item Reports
  • Advanced messaging and reminder systems
  • And much more!