ERP Software Features and Tools for Purchasing that Electronics Suppliers can’t live without

Purchasing has massively evolved from simply finding a part and sending a Purchase Order to the smoothest talking Semiconductor Broker with the lowest price or your favorite Part Listing Sites.

Focus on Quality, Performance and Counterfeit Mitigation has become a part of everyday life for Brokers and Distributors in the Electronic Components Aerospace Industries.  

Certification Trace and Testing are now part of everyday life for any supplier that wants to engage in Government and Military Sales to US Armed Forces and Major Subcontractors.

Current ISO standards require Wholesalers and Supply Chains to manage and conform to strict Quality Assurance Systems.

In addition recent changes to AS9120 Standards now include growing focus on Evaluation of Vendor Performance and Risk Assessment.

SDS4 Distribution Software is the only industry specific Software in the Electronic Components Industry that is built around ISO Standards and provides updates keep up with new Standards as they are defined

Streamlined Product Sourcing and Procurement Intelligently Designed for Smoother Workflow to Increase Accuracy and Efficiency Seamlessly Integrated with Inventory Sourcing and Quality Systems