Frequently Asked Questions

What database can I use with SDS4

SDS4 Distribution Software has been tested with and is compatible with the following:
• SQL Express 2008R2-2014 32/64bit
• MS SQL 2008R2-2014 32bit
• MS SQL 2008R2-2014 64bit (recommended)
Selections above include all Developer Standard and Enterprise Versions

* Database storage limitations are governed by Express Versions. Full versions have unlimited storage

How much data can I store in SDS4

Depending on what database you use with SDS4 you can store the following… MS SQL EXPRESS 2008-2016 – 10Gb MS SQL 2008R2-2016 – Unlimited

Does it cost me to upgrade or update

SDS4 updates are FREE for 1 year after your purchase regardless of how many updates or features we add during that period. Continued updates and support are included in your yearly license and maintenance renewal You can easily update your SDS4 Distribution Software from the help menu by clicking check for updates and completing the web update wizard. (click next, next, finish)

If you are currently a SDS2 user and would like to upgrade to SDS4 please contact support

How many users can I have on SDS4

You may purchase licensing for SDS from 1 to unlimited users. Please contact us for a custom licensing plan that will meet your companies needs.

Is SDS4 Distribution Web Based

SDS4 Distribution is available as a 32bit or 64bit Desktop application. It may be installed on to your Desktop, Server, Cloud Service Provider as a Remote App, Virtual Machine, or Hyper V Extensions like the Vendor and Client Self Service Portals are available in MVC 5

Are there renewal charges for SDS4

Yes but they are minimal depending on which product, or extension you are referring to.

Generally license/maintenance/updates/support renewal bundles are generously priced at about $100/user That’s less than a cup of coffee per day for a lifetime of updates and support.

Can I purchase another companies database or SDS4 license if they go out of business?

No, Licenses are NON TRANSFERABLE between companies. If you wish to purchase the defunct companies data you are required to purchase your own SDS license and we will assist with migrating the data for you into your legally purchased copy. Otherwise you may simply request that they export the desired data to excel or csv

Can I sell my database if I go out of business

No the database structure, constraints, and stored procedures are all unique and covered under SDS copyright and terms and conditions agreement If you wish to sell your old data to another company you may export the desired data to excel or csv only. You may also ask the purchasing company to purchase their own SDS License and request data migration assistance

Can I purchase a copy of the source code

The source code is not for sale

How long does it take to Install the SDS4 client

Assuming you have a healthy SQL Server already in place, client installation takes approximately 3-5 minutes If you don’t have SQL Server Installed yet add 20-30 min to allow for download, installation, and configuration

Can I connect my existing website to SDS4

You may connect any website with a few hours of programming.
SDS also offers a web service portal product for even quicker and easier web connections to your software

Will you build me a new website

It won’t be cheap

Can I run SDS4 in a Web Browser

Yes. SDS4 Distribution has full cloud capability and will run from a web browser.
Please visit here for easy deployment