Deployment Strategies

SDS4 is the Most Flexible Business Software in its Class.

Our new fully automated installation process allows anyone at any skill level to install SDS4 in the cloud, on a local network or directly on a laptop or pc.

Mac Users can take advantage of SDS4 while using the cloud.
Linux Users can securely connect to SDS4 with most browsers



Scalable Deployment

SDS scales easily from 1-1000 users with
No Additional Configuration Necessary
SDS Distribution offers a variety of deployment options no matter the size of your company.

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 SDS4 in the Cloud

You wont be forced into doing it “one way or the Highway”
Feel free to select the perfect plan for you


Run SDS4 in your favorite browser
Runs in Chrome Safari Firefox Edge
Pricing and Availability

Setup Time: Less Than 5 min 

Cloud Virtualized Desk

Create a virtual desktop in the cloud
Compatible with Windows Mac Ipad
Pricing and Availability

Setup Time: 20-25 min 

Cloud Virtualized Desk

Virtualize SDS4 and run like a normal app
Compatible with Windows Mac iPad
Pricing and Availability

Setup Time: 30 min

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get up and running ?

Most configurations take 20 minutes or Less to get up and running.
More complicated setups that require multiple connections or
multiple servers can take longer.

Is my Data Safe and Secure ?

Your Data is safer in the cloud than a single hackable, crash prone
unencrypted webserver like Cortracker or Recognin often use.

Which Cloud Service Plan is Right for me ?

We would need to speak with you to determine your needs .
If you are unsure please click the button below and we will gladly
help you configure an economical setup that is just right for you.

Can I use my SDS4 Cloud Service when i travel ?

Absolutely. Cloud Services minimum speed requirement is only 1.5mbps Virutally any broadband connection will work. Better performance can be acheived on a faster connection of course

Can I use all of your products in the Cloud ?

Plugins that connect SDS4 directly to another application such as QuickBooks
would require that program to be in the cloud as well.

Can I change my plan as my needs change ?

Our Cloud Service Plans are risk free and carry no obligation.
You are free to upgrade or downgrade your plan as you see fit.
We advise doing this on billing day as we can’t split months.

Still Need Help ?

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