Current Software like a 10 Year Old Car?

Are you riding around in an old car? Maybe that is not the image you want your customers to see. Your old car was great six years ago, and may still feel comfortable today (to you). Plus it is familiar and you have developed work-arounds for its shortcomings. But has the risk of that old car not taking you where you want to go increased over time? The world changed over those six years. Cars have begun driving themselves. Some are electric and offer speed, luxury, and cargo space greater than any car made six years ago.

What sort of a “ride” do your customers expect you to provide them? Your customers choose you in part for your software, the vehicle their parts and data will be “riding around” in. Hanging onto old software for too long is hurting you and your business.

Not having the most up to date software is currently hurting you in the following ways:

  • Buying and sticking with the wrong software will allow the whole industry to pass you by. With technology changing so quickly, a business can easily be left in the stone age. Don’t let this happen to your business. Don’t let your competition leapfrog you by buying better software.
  • No business owner likes getting audited. Without excellent software, audits become a lot worse and take much longer. Having bad software lets you live in fear of failing audits because best practices are not encouraged or supported…
  • Businesses often have to buy additional software to compensate for what is missing in their outdated software. Bolt something on. The same way Frankenstein was built.
    Outdated software is slower in many ways.
  • It is slower, simply, because it is older.
  • It is also slower because the processes aren’t as refined. It doesn’t have the capability of processing orders quickly enough. This hurts the amount of boxes your business can get out the door per day.
  • You aren’t able to purchase parts quickly because it takes so long to make a purchase order. A competitor will beat you to buying the part and make the money off of it while you are sitting on the sidelines.

SDS updates its software at least two times a month, keeping businesses up to date with the latest technology. SDS is built with all necessary audits in mind to keep your business practices clean and efficient. 90% of companies using SDS grow their business by at least one person within the first year. SDS gives businesses all the most up-to-date tools to grow.

Are your customers comfortable that you provide an ‘okay’ older ride? Or do they want an up-to-date lift that inspires them and you? What about your new sales prospects? Are they seeing newer software at your competitors. Can prospects overlook an out-of-date software image and select your business anyway?

Is your car an investment asset, or a tool to get you where you want to go? Many business owners view their software as an asset, when really it should be viewed as a vehicle. Your next software purchase is a big decision, just like when it is time to buy a new car. For software, the biggest questions are: “will this vehicle take my business where I want it to go over the next few years?” And: “will competitors be coming up on my left, passing me by with better vehicles today or tomorrow?” If you don’t like the answers to these questions, then it is time. Ask a friend to pour some sugar in you gas tank to help you to make the change!

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