Compete with Big Corporate …and Win

SDS Provides SMB with a Platform That Can Compete with Big Corporate Distributors and Win

SDS Distribution’s software was developed to help small and medium businesses take on even the biggest distributors.
It gives even the smallest businesses Enterprise Quality Tools. The software gives small and medium businesses a great fighting chance by being affordable and encouraging best practices with ISO Compliant Workflows.

Affordable Pricing is a Great Benefit

The software is priced to help small and medium businesses thrive. There are no monthly recurring costs so what you pay is what you pay. $1,295 per user. May sounds like a lot to some, but the relative value is outstanding. This price-point drastically helps smaller businesses grow by not hurting their bottom line. Young companies, especially, need to make sure every dollar is being put to the best use.

In house financing is available!

SDS allows customers to finance the software at 0% interest rate. Customers can finance for up to 12 months or more to help keep more money in their pockets. The financed savings can be used to grow your business instead of having added expense early on.

The software’s price alone allows small business to stay in the game and compete with some of their biggest competitors. The software really enables the user to do the things these larger businesses can.

The Benefit Quality Control and Traceability Built-In

SDS’s workflows focus and encourage quality control and traceability. This really pleases organizations like IDEA and ISO auditors since it makes a difference at all levels. For example, auditors love it because it helps them do their work quickly and accurately. At a bigger level, the SDS software and workflows help you to ensure quality, ultimately keeping pilots and passengers safe. Normally ISO certifications are expensive, so smaller companies don’t observe or conform until they grow. This hurts them and the industry. There are additional customer acquisitions and reputation-building that can be accomplished today with the right systems in place.

SDS’s software is focused around complying to ISO, IDEA, and other auditors. The workflows were built to reflect and adhere to their standards. SDS’s software encourages best practices and quality control every step of the way. Even if some smaller companies don’t have enough money or time to get certifications, they are still following the guidelines of the certifications just by using this software.

Embracing the system really empowers, specifically, smaller businesses to maintain their business at the highest level of standards and quality. This allows them to be at the same standard as these giant corporate distributors who hold all sorts of certifications. The software levels the playing field and helps reduce the barrier to entry so small and medium sized business have a chance.

One example of this is the vendor Rating System. Ranking vendors based on: quality, reliability, timeliness, and other elements is standard for many certifications.
SDS’s software does this automatically, all the user has to do is pull the report.

Having software built around compliance and certifications makes getting a certification much easier.

Having software built around compliance and certifications makes getting a certification much easier. It drastically cuts down on the learning curve. Most businesses have to develop, then change a lot of their processes and standards to get their business up to par to meet the needs of the certifications. Implementing SDS software delivers out-of-the-box compliance adoption. You save on the long hours of interpreting and debating what is, and what is not compliant for the certifications you want.

When SDS users do get their certifications, they have this “ah ha” moment. Many realize they had been unknowingly conforming to many of these best practices all along. The software confirms this for them (and for auditors). Where processes were not compliant, the software bridges the gaps, and acts as your roadmap and guide to full compliance.

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