Winning Combination: Deploying SDS Software Boosts your Leap to ISO Benefits

Contrary to what many still think, implementing a certified ISO quality management system is far less daunting than may be imagined at first.  Deploying ISO supportive distribution software first is like using GPS to help you reach your certification destination.  The winning combination is an ISO certification process plus the right software to support and […]

Blockchain for 3PLs: Disruptor, Threat or Opportunity

What are some potential applications of blockchain to the supply chain?  How realistic and imminent are these applications? What should 3PLs be doing about blockchain? The essence of blockchain is the replacement of “middlemen” or institutions, with online technology that enables accurate, direct, safe, secure, and instant peer-to-peer transactions of any sort.  An additional benefit […]

SDS4 News Flash

MRO Superior Development Systems is coming out with a new product for Maintenance repair operations (MRO). The new software solution is specific to airplane and helicopter repair. Like all SDS products, it comes with an unparalleled streamlined user interface that is so easy anyone can use it. Stay tuned for details on this as it […]

Compete with Big Corporate …and Win

SDS Provides SMB with a Platform That Can Compete with Big Corporate Distributors and Win SDS Distribution’s software was developed to help small and medium businesses take on even the biggest distributors. It gives even the smallest businesses Enterprise Quality Tools. The software gives small and medium businesses a great fighting chance by being affordable […]