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Modern User Friendly Design

Unlike other applications SDS4 is built with the user in mind. Everything is visibly located in front of your employee making it easier to focus on the job. All functions have been standardized and eloquently placed in the same position on every page.

Creating a simple Quote is no different than creating a PO or an RMA. Double data entry can be easily avoided and carried to other forms with our often copied one click technology.

After laying eyes on SDS4 for the very first time, employees should be able do their jobs with little to no training!

Make Your Company Perform Efficiently
at The Highest Level


SDS Distribution is an ERP System designed for Material Sourcing and Processing Orders. Features and Workflows are focused on ISO Compliance to current AS9120 and ISO 13485 standards.

Combined with a Complete Contact CRM Solution gives SDS4 users a clear competitive advantage in todays demanding Global Marketplaces.

SDS4 Distribution is packed with State or The Art Tools capable of efficiently running every aspect of High Volume Sales Centers , Distribution, and 3PL Warehouses while eliminating the need for switching back and forth between multiple programs.

Designed for your Industry



Distribution and Repair

Electronic Components

Electronic Components Distribution

Semi Conductors Fasteners Power



Retail Parts and Service

Government Sales


Government and Milspec Sales

Display Panels

Display Panels

Sourcing and Wholesale



Equipment Sales Plasma Banks Purchasing

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How SDS4 Distribution Software Can Benefit Your Business Today

This easy to use system has everything you need, all in one place.
An all-inclusive system prevents wasted time learning, implementing, and integrating each new system.
Our one system, SDS4, will also save you money because you won’t have to pay for 3, 4, or 5 separate systems.
You will have the ability to look up your individual parts, see where you got them, and see who they came from.
And you’ll see the exact costs. All this in one place gives you the power to make decisions on the spot.

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